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Exmouth Gulf Wetland

Protection of ex Giralia is important for the health of Exmouth Gulf - one of Australia's most significant coastal environments, bordering the Ningaloo Coast World Heritage Area. The gulf's eastern shore (Exmouth Gulf East) is a nationally important wetland (designated by the Australian government) and a key biodiversity area (designated by BirdLife Australia). The Exmouth Gulf East wetland is described in its listing as a nationally important wetland as an 'outstanding example of tidal wetland systems of low coast of north-west Australia, with well-developed tidal creeks, extensive mangrove swamps and broad saline coastal flats'. It includes one of the largest discrete areas of mangroves in Western Australia and mudflats that are up to 4 kilometres wide (at Giralia Bay). Currently, just 1% of the Exmouth Gulf East wetland is protected in reserves.