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We're on the agenda, no matter what

In just four months, thousands of us have helped put Indigenous rangers and nature protection on the agenda like never before in Western Australia.

Ahead of the state election on Saturday, here’s a quick overview of where the Create Ranger Parks campaign is at, what we’ve achieved, and what happens next.

Here’s what Create Ranger Parks supporters have achieved since we launched late last year.

So where to from here?

With the WA state election on Saturday, we’ve reached the first big milestone of the campaign – but it is only the start.

An election marks a fresh beginning, regardless of who wins government.

The weekend might deliver a new Premier, or Western Australians might decide to re-elect the current government. Either way, thanks to the help of thousands of Create Ranger Parks supporters, we’re well-positioned to work with the next government to make Ranger Parks a reality.

Here’s where the parties stand:

  • The Liberal Party and the Nationals have both officially recognised the importance of Indigenous rangers, who not only care for our shared natural heritage but are transformative for their local communities.
  • WA Labor has committed a $20 million funding injection to rangers across WA – a huge step forward that’s testament to the work of Create Ranger Parks supporters in putting rangers on the agenda. They have also committed to work with us to see what parks can be created. 
  • The Greens are committed to the full Create Ranger Parks plan – as well as supporting Indigenous ranger programs, they’ve also committed to protecting the unique landscapes of the former pastoral leases.

In just four months, we’ve lifted the bar – the vision of creating Ranger Parks is now on the agenda for all major parties. We’re in an excellent position for the next step – getting whoever is in government after the election to show leadership and Create Ranger Parks.

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