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Local Jobs and Connection to Country

When the WA Government purchased these areas twenty years ago, they had in mind not only the protection of amazing natural places, but also the opportunity to create new local jobs and strengthen regional economies. Creating Ranger Parks – a new network of national parks jointly-vested with Traditional Owner groups and government – would finally allow this vision to come to fruition.

At the heart of Create Ranger Parks is that the proposed national parks would be cared for and looked after by local Indigenous rangers, creating new hope and real jobs in some of the most remote parts of the state. Indigenous ranger programs are a proven success story, allowing young people to reconnect with country, as well as bringing traditional knowledge and modern science together to ensure the best possible management of the land. Click here to read more about Indigenous rangers.

Creating Ranger Parks would extend the Shark Bay World Heritage area and the Kennedy Range National Park, further enhancing the appeal of these areas as tourism destinations and strengthening regional economies. Creating and maintaining the parks, while also servicing the needs of tourists and four-wheel-drive enthusiasts, provides new markets for local businesses and the chance to grow employment in nearby towns.