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Mount Augustus - biggest rock in the world

The centrepiece of the Mount Augustus to Mulga region is Mount Augustus itself. The rock sits within a small existing national park that overlooks the proposed new parks. 

Mount Augustus, or Burringurrah in the Wajarri language, is well-known as the world's largest rock, yet it remains a place of isolated beauty - "off the beaten track" for most tourists, but loved by all who visit.

Burringurrah rises 715m from the plains around it. It has a central ridge which is almost 8 kilometres long and it is estimated that the layers of rock which make the mountain are some 1,750 million years old. The mountain was formed as the result an uplift which buckled, folded and tilted the rocks as it raised the ancient beds. The result was a huge inverted V which is known to geologists as an anticline.

Photo: Joanne Wilton