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New National Parks For Outback

Creating Ranger Parks means protecting some of Western Australia’s most remarkable and important natural places. Zoom into the map to see why.

When the Western Australian Government purchased especially selected Outback stations for conservation 20 years ago, it had a positive and visionary goal – to help diversify regional economies and protect the state’s unique Outback landscapes and wildlife.

The 60 stations were chosen because of their unique natural values – stunning vistas, endangered animals, rare plants – and because of the opportunity they represented for nearby communities and towns.

Since then, these extraordinary places have been forgotten and neglected. Native plants and animals are threatened by feral animals, noxious weeds and fire. Rich pastoral heritage is falling into disrepair.

Traditional Owners are alarmed by declining biodiversity and cultural values. With every day that passes, the threats to these unique places grow stronger and the task of returning them to health grows more challenging. Yet the opportunity is there to protect nature and heritage, and to provide new jobs for Indigenous rangers caring for country.

That opportunity is now. It’s time to Create Ranger Parks.