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New polling shows West Aussies love national parks

With the WA election coming up, it’s an important time to remind politicians about the things we care about. We know you love our national parks and now we can share that you are not alone. 

In fact, more than two thirds of Western Australians support national parks and want more created!

Let’s keep reminding our decision makers how important it is they keep protecting our unique wildlife and iconic landscapes in new national parks. To show your support for the creation of new national parks in WA click here. 

A recent poll taken across the state found that over two thirds of Western Australians not only believe national parks are good for creating jobs and boosting the economy, but that the Plan for Our Park's initiative is worth supporting.

Thanks to your support, Plan for Our Parks is on track to create five million hectares of parks by 2024!

Karijini National Park. Picture by Wild Road Wanderers

In the past 12 months so many people across WA have visited our national parks to relax and recharge, despite park closures and lockdowns due to COVID-19.

National parks protect our unique plants, animals and landscapes and offer an escape to nature whether you want to travel far or wide in our great state. And it’s great to see the community understand that parks are also so important for creating jobs and strengthening our economy.

Join us in calling for new national parks to be created in partnership with Traditional Owners into the next term of government - to boost conservation, tourism and support the economy. Sign our petition here.

Once again, thank you for all that you do to support our national parks.




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