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Guardian Express: Create Ranger Parks artwork hung in Mt Lawley MLA's office

A painting created by more than 200 people in under two hours has been donated to Mt Lawley MLA Simon Millman.

Indigenous artist Neta Knapp from Urban Indigenous sketched the design on the canvas then guided the other artists who contributed to finishing it.

The project was completed in support of Create Ranger Parks, a community-driven initiative to create a new network of outback national parks, managed by Indigenous rangers.


Under the proposal five million hectares of former pastoral stations in WA’s outback would become national parks.

Create Ranger Parks spokeswoman Linda Goncalves said protecting the former pastoral stations would mean more opportunities for West Australians to travel to amazing places in the outback.

“The former pastoral stations cover land in the Mid-West, Gascoyne and Pilbara,” Ms Goncalves said.

“Creating Ranger Parks would more than double the area of national parks available for West Australians and it would create new opportunities for regional tourism businesses as well as new Indigenous ranger jobs.”

Mr Millman said the art would be hung in his electoral office.

By Julian Wright, Guardian Express, 5 December 2017. View original story here.



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