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Southern Gazette: Vic Park residents support plan for national parks in WA's outback

Victoria Park residents delivered a giant postcard to Victoria Park MLA Ben Wyatt in support of a plan for new national parks in WA’s outback.

The postcard was signed by more than 120 Victoria Park residents who wanted to see better management of more than five million hectares of former pastoral stations through the Create Ranger Parks plan.


Victoria Park’s Brittany Moebus presents Victoria Park MLA Ben Wyatt with a giant postcard featuring signatures of people who support the Create Ranger Parks plan.

It was presented to Mr Wyatt during the Vic Park Summer Street Party on November 27.

Victoria Park resident Brittany Moebus said she supported the plan because she believed it would bring benefits for the environment as well as WA people, who would welcome the chance to visit the new national parks.

“These former outback stations are in limbo and aren’t accessible for the average tourist to visit,” she said.

“I think that’s a lost opportunity, since if they were national parks then people who want to visit the outback would have more choices about where to go.”

“Not only that but lots of areas in the outback have really unusual plants and animals that need to be protected through national parks.

“Although I live in Vic Park, I’m really keen to show my support for this proposal because the outback is such an important part of WA, and I think all West Australians care about its future.”

Mr Wyatt said he was supportive of Aboriginal Ranger programs.

“Aboriginal people across our state have, for thousands of years, managed our country in a sustainable way and we continue to benefit from that management,” he said.

“Our vast state is beautiful and the best way to protect it is to ensure that our Aboriginal citizens are able to use their valuable culture and knowledge to do so.

“WA Labor will release our policy proposals around Aboriginal Rangers closer to the State Election.”

The Create Ranger Parks plan wants to create a major network of new national parks, managed by Indigenous rangers, for all West Australians to enjoy.

The plan would protect the natural and cultural heritage of a network of former pastoral lease properties that were purchased by the WA Government for conservation 20 years ago, but which supporters say have since been neglected.

The proponents want to create tourism experiences, provide more than 200 meaningful jobs in remote areas and save rare and endangered wildlife.

The plan is backed by diverse group of organisations, including the Conservation Council of WA, four-wheel drive peak body Track Care WA and a range of Indigenous organisations.

By Aaron Corlett, Southern Gazette, 2 December 2016. View original story here.


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