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Outback Adventures

Increasingly, research shows the enormous benefits of spending time in nature – both for an individual’s health and wellbeing, but also for developing a connection to the natural environment. And most of us know this intuitively – there’s nothing better than heading out bush with family, away from the rat race, slowing down and taking time to connect with nature.

The 60 areas that form the Create Ranger Parks proposal are very special natural places, and protecting these as national parks would enable Western Australians to have access to 30% more parks for outdoor adventures, camping and spending time in nature. Properly managed and cared for, the parks would have the necessary but low-impact infrastructure to enable people to enjoy these remarkable natural places in ways that sustain the local plants and animals.

Across the 5 million hectares of parks, there would be ample opportunity to cater for different visitor demands, from well-serviced camp grounds through to wilderness experiences, from hiking trails to four-wheel-drive tracks.