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Here in the Midwest, we've got to look after country. Create Ranger Parks would allow us to do this.

Richard Nelly

Yamatji Elder


WA Labor leader Mark McGowan has taken the first positive step toward creating Ranger Parks by committing $20 million to WA Indigenous ranger jobs if he is elected Premier in March.

This is great news, but so far we haven’t seen a commitment to protect the traditional lands covered by the 66 proposed Ranger Parks or dedicate any of the new ranger positions to managing them.

Please let Mark McGowan know why creating Ranger Parks is important to you by sending him a quick message.

The future Ranger Parks are the jewels in the crown of our Outback. They were purchased by government 20 years ago, specially to protect their unique plants and animals and ensure they’re accessible for all Western Australians to enjoy.

These properties are waiting for desperately needed care and management. Traditional Owners know this, and are calling out for the opportunity to look after the land and the hundreds of cultural sites on the properties.

Ask Mark McGowan to finish the job and commit to Ranger Parks.

Think of the reasons why you’ve supported Create Ranger Parks and send that as your message. In short, let Mark McGowan know why you care. It’s a simple but powerful way to help elders like Richard Nelly realise their dream of seeing young people back on country again.

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