Thanks for helping to Create Ranger Parks!

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It's not often that an area of land twice the size of the South West is simply ready and waiting to become a major network of Outback national parks and conservation reserves - at no cost to the Government.

As WA’s new Environment Minister, Stephen Dawson needs to know that Create Ranger Parks presents an opportunity to leave an incredible legacy for WA’s future.

Will you send Stephen an email to welcome him to his new role and ask him to make Create Ranger Parks a priority?

The five million hectares of future Ranger Parks were once pastoral leases but, having been purchased by government specifically for conservation twenty years ago, are now in limbo – despite being home to some of WA’s natural Outback gems as well as precious cultural heritage.

Minister Dawson is key to the future of Create Ranger Parks, so please let him know that this is his big chance to make his mark for WA’s environment.