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Ask our new government to Create Ranger Parks

Malgana country is very harsh at times, but can also be very nurturing. It is an environment that if you look after it ... it will look after you.

Bianca McNeair

Traditional custodian of Malgana country


WA has a new government and a new leader, and this week the 40th WA Parliament will convene for the first time.

Right now we have a rare opportunity to welcome the new Premier - not just with words or pictures, but with a very special song sung in the traditional language of the Malgana people from Shark Bay.

Malgana Traditional Owner Bianca McNeair is asking for your help to demonstrate to the new Premier how special Malgana country is. 

Will you help Bianca pass on this special Welcome song, sung in Malgana language, to the Premier and to your local MP?

Now is the perfect time to remind our new government that Create Ranger Parks is an opportunity to care for special areas of Western Australia.

Malgana country in the Shark Bay area includes several of the former pastoral lease properties that would become national parks, managed by Indigenous rangers, if the new government commits to creating Ranger Parks.

As Bianca says, Create Ranger Parks "would mean that Malgana rangers could work on and care for Malgana country, and that everyone could have the chance to visit and experience the place that I call home."

Click the play button to hear the song, and add your details to send the song to the Premier.