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Sanctuaries for Wildlife

The 60 properties were specially selected by government twenty years ago to become parks because they are home to threatened species and unique landscapes that should be conserved for future generations. Until the properties are protected as parks, these unique areas will continue to suffer from neglect and from the threats of uncontrolled fire, feral animals and weeds.

The new parks would help protect threatened species including the night parrot, bilby, northern quoll, Shark Bay mouse, mallefowl, black-flanked rock-wallaby and many species of migratory birds.

Many of the future parks are next to or closely located to existing well-known and important conservation areas, including the Shark Bay World Heritage area, Kennedy Range National Park, Karijini National Park and the Ningaloo World Heritage Area. Extending and expanding these important areas will help buttress threats and strengthen the protection of plants, animals and ecosystems.