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Indigenous Ranger teams

The cornerstone of Ranger Parks are Indigenous rangers, recruited from local communities, whose traditional cultural practices have cared for our land for over 50,000 years.

Indigenous rangers are uniquely suited for management of the Ranger Parks. Many have a deep, cultural commitment to their country and can combine traditional knowledge with modern science to bring about conservation on a large scale. It’s a new way forward to manage and protect the Outback places that make Western Australia so special.

Existing Indigenous ranger programs in areas of the Kimberley and other parts of Australia are a proven success. They offer real jobs and opportunities for sustainable economic independence in remote areas where jobs are often hardest to find. Recent reports show that ranger programs are producing unmatched results for Aboriginal people.

Rangers undertake difficult but vital work caring for nature and tackling the pressing challenges of damaging wildfires, uncontrolled feral animals and noxious weeds. Not only are they successfully protecting and managing our shared natural heritage but they are also transforming remote communities and offering hope to younger Aboriginal people.