Thanks for helping to Create Ranger Parks!


Twenty years ago, the Western Australian Government purchased specially selected Outback stations for conservation. In doing so, they had a positive and visionary goal - to help diversify and strengthen regional economies and protect the state's most remarkable Outback landscapes for future generations.

Since then, these 60 remarkable properties have been forgotten and neglected. Instead of contributing to local prosperity, these unique natural places have suffered from the impact of feral animals and wildfires, which in turn have caused hardship for neighbouring Outback stations.

The Create Ranger Parks proposal presents an incredible opportunity that will mean a win for everyone. We want the government to finish what it started 20 years ago and create an extensive network of protected parks, managed by Indigenous rangers, o create real jobs and real change.  

The Create Ranger Parks proposal will:

Provide over 200 meaningful jobs and new hope in remote areas

Save rare and endangered wildlife

Make iconic Outback areas more accessible for everyone to enjoy

Generate responsible financial savings for government

Create new tourism experiences and regional businesses