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World Heritage Values

Stromatolites of Hamelin Pool

Hamelin Pool contains the world's most diverse and abundant stromatolites, a 'superlative natural phenomenon' and a major reason for the world heritage listing. Protecting ex Nanga (north) to the west of Hamelin Pool and ex Yaringa to its east will facilitate management of potential land-based threats to the stromatolites.

Seagrass meadows, abundant marine life, refuges

Shark Bay's Wooramel Seagrass Bank is the largest in the world and the richest in seagrass species, enabling dugongs, dolphins, sharks, rays, turtles and fish to thrive in high numbers. Shark Bay is one of the world's most significant strongholds for dugongs. Seagrass meadows are highly susceptible to activities on land that increase sedimentation or nutrient runoff. The proposed highly protected land-to-sea corridor provides the best chance for maintaining a healthy Wooramel catchment and preventing seagrass decline. Ex Carrarang features an important nesting site for the endangered loggerhead turtle.